Three Reasons Your University Should Host Virtual Career Fairs

June 10, 2020

The global pandemic has precipitated rapid change to recruitment and career services. Much of this evolution was already happening, as colleges, universities, and employers were shifting how they connect with, serve, and employ a new generation of graduates. The onset of the pandemic simply sped up this process. However, even when the pandemic no longer necessitates virtual recruitment and career fairs, they are here to stay. Here are three reasons why your university should host virtual fairs_._

1. Attract More Employers to Take Part

Virtual Career Fairs (VCFs) make it easier for employers to commit to being part of your university’s fairs. Cutting out travel, printing tons of collateral, and sparing an employee (or more) to spend time away from work makes employers more able and willing to have a recruiter attend your fair. Through VCFs, companies can engage with students at a virtual booth from their home or office, upload softcopy informational booklets or videos to the VCF platform, and have multiple employees logged in to the virtual booth. Moreover, Virtual Career Fairs even the playing field, enabling smaller companies to be represented at your career fair, providing a broader range of potential employers for your students.

2. Give Your Students More Chances to Shine

At traditional career fairs, students usually have a couple of minutes— sometimes seconds— to chat with potential employers. They leave behind their resume, along with hundreds of other students. At Virtual Career Fairs, students get a chance to create an online profile where employers can view their resumes, projects, and experience before, during, and after having one-on-one, private conversations. This allows for students to have more avenues to shine. Also, students can attend the fair from virtually anywhere, so more students have the opportunity to connect with potential employers.

3. Stay Competitive For The Future

Increasingly, students are looking to their higher ed institutions to prepare them for life after college, including finding a career. It is imperative that colleges and universities meet this need. In an age of technological advancement and a new generation of students who have grown up in the digital age, it makes sense that more and more things are moving online. Virtual recruiting is the way of the future. It’s faster, more efficient, and fairer since it allows for candidates to be evaluated beyond just a one-page resume. Many leading names in the corporate and education space have started utilising services like this, even before the pandemic. It’s time you do too.

Because providing students and employers with an amazing, hassle-free VCF experience is so important, we here at gradGREENHOUSE have made Virtual Career Fairs as user-friendly and accessible as possible. Our state-of-the-art VCF platform allows students to engage with more employers, but also for employers to engage with students. We’d love to share with you more about the capabilities of our platform and how we can help connect your students with careers.

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