Four Reasons Why Students & Graduates Should Participate in a Virtual Career Fair

October 9, 2020

As a student or graduate, are you apprehensive about your first venture into the world of Virtual Career Fairs (VCFs)? Are you perhaps just curious as to why many employers and universities are moving their employment fairs to the VCF format? In this article, we’ll go through four succinct reasons as to why you should participate in this innovative and effective recruitment method.

VCFs offer one platform for all your employment needs

Through gradGREENHOUSE’s virtual interface, all your necessary employment documents and resources can be stored and organised in one place. No need for binders or folders; our VCF setup has you covered in the most concise and logical way feasible. Be it resumes, assessment, personality test results, holistic profiles, or social media links, all can be accessed and managed in dedicated sections through profile management and interface customisation.

But it doesn’t stop there! Easily navigate to our main hall to find any employer booth you desire, complete with filter-search sorting and specific categories depending on your field of work. Keeping in touch with an employer has never been simpler; request a meeting or drop a namecard to register your interest, all done with one click!

Both international reach and domestic reach has never been bigger

A study at Luminate has concluded that VCFs receive 7x more attendees than physical careers fairs. Similarly, job offers receive 36% more applications, which can only go higher with the usage of our tightly designed interface. Many graduates are moving to this format, with average participants reaching over 3000 on average.

VCF reach can go much further than just the country you are based in. Here at gradGREENHOUSE, we aim to be as inclusive and international as possible, with our events spanning East Asia, America, and Europe. Despite this global reach, out video admissions and interview services make graduate-employer communications just as personal and effective as the real thing. Welcome to the future of recruitment.

A unique and easy opportunity to stand out in the world of recruitment

The VCF format is endorsed by countless sources (including Forbes Magazine) for convenience, remote operation, and cost-effectiveness. VCFs are both straightforward and streamlined in operation, as well as more targeted than physical careers fairs.

VCFs give you the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings over a remote distance, allowing the aspiring student to stand-out individually amongst the competition without the burden of travel. Gone are the days where your CV can be lost within a thousand, less-qualified online submissions; pitch yourself to your employer wherever you are, getting the attention you deserve and leaving the best personal impression possible.

Completely mobile friendly

Access professional career fairs from anywhere in the world. Whether it be from the comfort of your own home or a coffee-shop or on a bus, we take pride in allowing you to maintain contact with recruiters regardless of your location. Our cutting-edge, specially designed mobile interface is here to help you do just that.