Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Attend a Virtual Career Fair

September 8, 2020

We’ve highlighted why graduates should dive into the wonderful world of virtual career fairs (VCFs), but this is only half of what makes a VCF effective. Companies seeking employment are the equally important lifeblood of the event, and here we’ll explore five reasons why your company should look to participating with gradGREENHOUSE in the best VCFs available in the market.

VCFs are extremely cost-effective

It’s no secret that VCFs are the much more affordable option when compared to physical career fairs. The financial burdens of travel costs, venue costs and physical booth setups are a problem no longer. Combined with less manpower and an intuitive digital interface, our service is a fraction of the possible cost for a large-scale careers event; you get your money’s worth and more! This includes inviting multiple colleagues (including alumni) to attend your booth at no extra or hidden costs.

Our VCF technology is fully integrable with your existing HRMS, ATS, CRM and in-house technology, and our solutions team are always on stand-by to answer any questions you might have.

Recruitment is at its most efficient

VCFs allow for an easy exchange of information and candidate names. Whether or not you’re present at your booth, potential candidates can drop name-cards for future connections with one click. Our approach system lets you contact your preferred candidates directly, inviting them to virtual meeting rooms for interviews and focused live interactions. Our service is all in-browser and easily accessible, with no downloads necessary. Keeping in touch has never been easier!

Furthermore, our services have been specially designed to be secure and totally private, notably in end-to-end encryption for text chats and private video rooms. Don’t worry about security; we take pride in our safeguards!

Easy access to students and aspiring candidates

Our VCFs attract an average of 3,000 students per event, with employers receiving 35% more job applications than traditional career fairs (with this number rising rapidly as participants numbers increase). We take our international reach very seriously, aiming to include as many communities throughout Asia, America and Europe as we can. All these things come together for an unrivalled number of job-seeking graduates and participants on a global scale, without the encumbrance of travel or locations.

Converse with your recruitment team easily

Through our Team Portal (specially designed for recruiters), our platform allows for an unlimited number of recruitment-team members to easily communicate in a single virtual space. Using virtual round tables and our in-built video/audio/text features, review candidate applicants and video profiles efficiently with as many colleagues as you need, all within the most streamlined service we can provide!

Very helpful for smaller companies and start-ups

The playing field is much more even through VCFs, with smaller companies, no longer being marginalized as they would be in a physical recruitment venue, now able to stand in equal stead with larger, multinational businesses. All participating companies can approach/reach-out in a balanced system; the best talent is available to all!

VCFs also provide highly effective brand-building, allowing your growing company’s name to reach thousands of participants. By stating your business’ field and speciality, candidates can use our filter-based search system to find your mutual niche, bringing employer and candidate together with ease like never before.